Contractor and executive group of road makers of Silk Road

Why choose this company



We are passionate

Today, we live in a rapidly changing world, an environment that needs to be responsive to decision making, and organizational change quickly and effectively in human resource and material resources.


About us

The Silk Road Road Launcher Company has a brilliant track record of road construction. The company has a hot and sandy asphalt manufacturing plant specializing in road construction, asphalt pavers, with the best quality and the most up-to-date machinery and equipment for road and construction, with experienced engineers and specialist, has an influential influence on civil and development. Have our beloved country.


Our motto

The road to success is always under construction, the builders of the Silk Road.

Title of activity

Production: Production of all types of asphalt with the best quality of sand production.

Services: Perform all contracting activities related to road construction, asphalt, stain, road and building, and implementation of various asphalt

Implementation of reconstruction, improvement of expansion and construction of inter-urban and suburban roads. Preparation and implementation of different types of asphalt.

Company vision

• Obtain the necessary information and experience for project goals

• Transfer experience and cooperation with project authorities using the most modern and advanced design and engineering tools.

• Introducing and familiarizing Iran's road construction company on a global scale

• Attraction of experienced and skilled personnel in different areas of design and execution

• Implementation of construction and construction projects in the framework of the highest and most effective methods of implementation

• Generate work for young engineers who are aligned with the company's policies and planning.

• High quality execution and modern planning of building projects

• Attract engineers, industry professionals, domestic and foreign contractors