Cold asphalt is said to be a mixture of bituminous materials (bitumen, emulsion) that mixes bitumen and aggregate at ambient temperature and spreads and thickens at the same temperature. The aggregates can be wet during mixing with pitches, but for mortar, the moisture content of the aggregate should be dried at ambient temperature or under the influence of heat.


For excavation, excavation and embankment operations must first be performed on the basis of the operational maps and digits requested. If the excavation is required only for excavation purposes, the excavation of the site must be continued until the earth reaches sufficient resistance, and additional excavations Make notes on maps. The extra excavation has been completed and prepared to reach the next level with suitable materials such as lime, limestone and other materials approved.


The black tar is composed of a large number of hydrocarbons, which are interlocked with the colloidal system, and have sulfur and oxygenated hydrocarbons. By heating the bitumen, it rinse to moisture and moisture, and dissolves in mineral oils. Bitumen is sticky and grains of stone are peeled together,


Colored asphalt is and what applications?

A major method for the production of colored asphalt, and hence the color levels, is the use of color binders. Major color asphalt is produced by adding pigment during the mixing of asphalt and more often used iron oxide pigment. Typically, high quality painted asphalt is used to make sure the surface of the material is high


Of course, in many ancient cities of Iran, such as Isfahan and ... Streetwashing, but in the capital until the middle of the reign of Nasr al-Din Shah, where the surface of the city of Tehran and the building of which there was a huge transformation, there was no street street between the elements of architecture in the urbanization of Tehran . In other words, Tehran at that time set up its estates as an alley of gardens and twisted and irregular passages, which had no street names.